Wednesday, 13 July 2011

paint riot

Currently loving the work of artist Vince Contarino who is based in New York. The colours and marks are so bold and attention grabbing, they refuse to be ignored. A couple of these hanging on an empty white wall would be a wonderful thing. Not that we have many of those- my magpie tendencies mean that most of our wall space is already taken care of with an array of artwork, photos and illustrations. And of course there is a constant rotation of Lila's latest and greatest art creations displayed in pride of place on the fridge :)

These amazing works are inspiring me to remove the pile of clothing off the top of my art supplies chest which has been sadly neglected in a corner of the bedroom and dig out my paintbrushes, acrylics and an empty canvas. It's been too long.

All images by Vince Contarino, whom I discovered via Simple Lovely. See his website here.

1 comment:

Victoria said...

Wow, those are definitely eye-catching! I'm not usually a fan of more modern-style art, but the I do like the colours and geometric patterns in the first and last ones. :)

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