Wednesday, 20 July 2011

the glow

The Glow gives a glimpse into the world of inspiring and fashionable mothers, sharing their styling ideas, go-to gear, multi-tasking secrets and enviable decor. Very much an aspirational concept, and fun in a 'Let's daydream for ten minutes that I also have an equally amazing wardrobe, gorgeous home, amazing career and angelic children' kind of way. The shots are beautiful and I like some of the insights and wisdom imparted by these hot mamas. It's always motivating to see proof that it is possible to have kids and not morph into a frumpy shadow of your former self.

However I will admit when I first found this site I wasn't sure if I was feeling thoroughly inspired or if I should just give up and lock myself in a small dark room. It's definitely one to be avoided after a bad day when you're sporting greasy hair, have been dealing with a crying baby whilst simultaneously trying to convince your child it's fun to make a collage with bits of fabric and glitter glue when all they're really interested in is squirting said glue into the carpet when you're not looking.

Also on the topic of motherhood, there are a series of amazing posts on the topic of juggling work and children over at A Cup of Jo. It's so interesting to see how other women schedule their days and make it all work. Achieving the right balance between prioritising family and bringing in an income is definitely a tall order sometimes and I think all parents beat themselves up about it to a certain extent but there's some great food for thought to be found there.

All images from The Glow (which I discovered via Ascot Friday) and photographed by Kelly Stuart.

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