Monday, 11 July 2011

beach goddess

Although it may be the middle of Winter here in New Zealand, reading the new issue of online magazine Matchbook has got me all excited about sunny days to come (as it's a US based magazine this is their Summer issue). I adore this image above from their Guide to Summer and it has got me motivated to stop eating so much cake- especially now I don't have the excuse of being pregnant anymore- and start thinking about doing some exercise again. On a side note though, one of the best things about the colder months is wrapping up warm, settling in for a night on the sofa with good friends and indulging in yummy homemade apple crumble with lashings of cream which was a highlight of this past weekend.

But back to topic, the chances of me ever being able to pull of such a glamorous look on the beach, in fact make that anywhere, are slim to absolutely-never- going-to-happen but it's always fun to have something to work towards.

If you haven't seen Matchbook magazine yet, check it out here. Toting itself as a 'Field Guide to a Charmed Life', it's full of pretty pictures and inspiring articles and best of all it's free.

Image by Jenna Alcala

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