Saturday, 3 October 2009

the east end

I had a rare day to myself last week (free from both mothering and work duties due to Lila's childminder owing us a few days of childcare), so I decided it was an ideal time to head off east in the direction of Shoreditch and Brick Lane with my dear friend Louise. Lila does not enjoy shopping, I might actually go as far as to say she loathes it (with the sole exception of the Early Learning Centre toy shop- the only shop she runs towards rather than straight out of the door). Hence I don't very often venture over to this side of town any more these days and it was a real treat to mooch around the kooky shops and vintage boutiques.

We found time to stop off to quench our thirst in one of the many offbeat, cooler than thou little bars. Here the streets really are filled with the identikit hipsters, all in their eponymous uniform of tight jeans, scruffy hair, pointy boots and some choice items found in granny's attic. Everyone's trying to be so different yet they all end up looking exactly the same. You have to smile. Nevertheless, the day was all kinds of wonderful (though I wish I could have afforded to actually shop with my wallet rather than my eyes). Here are some snaps of the neighbourhood.

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