Saturday, 31 October 2009

just a minute in...october

Gorgeous photos above by whynat on flickr

I thought I'd join in on this for a bit of fun...Liss from Daydream Lily (one of my very favourite inspirational blogs) has been doing it for a while. Click over to her post to read a bit more about 'Just A Minute' and where it originated from. If you're a blogger feel free to join in too, coz it's always fun to hear about what's rocking other people's worlds! Comment and let me know if you do and I'd love to come over and see.

Reading... Hmm, mainly magazines. My mother has a suscription to Vogue and she saves them all for me so whenever I go back home for a visit I settle myself down in the evenings for a blissful catch up on all the ones I haven't read yet. I've also been eyeing up the latest issues of Lula, Elle Decoration and Nylon but have sadly been without the necessary funds to purchase them. Sigh. Lungs by Florence and The Machine. I have this album in my car so everytime I drive anywhere I can usually be found singing along to it at the top of my lungs, generally hideously out of key.

Watching...the X-Factor, religiously. It's my guilty pleasure. At least now I am a mother I have a valid reason for staying in on a Saturday night (who am I kidding, I would so stay in to watch it anyway).

Buying... Very little! Thank goodness today is pay day as I've been scaping by with literally pennies for the last two weeks. I blew my budget in the first half of the month doing fun stuff when my Canadian friend came to stay. I did however purchase a a high waisted, tulip shaped floral skirt that I am very in love with.

Loving... Being a's all been peachy so far! Also, my Matthew Williamson perfume, my red check flannel shirt, Lila's new words (night night, lovely, and bath time) and our official wedding pictures- I'll share a selection of them soon.

Wanting... To constantly eat sweet, delicious, comforting things. Food is never far from my mind but this month I've been craving all the bad things-cakes, chocolate, anything with ridiculous amounts of cheese involved. Arghh, must stop eating! I blame it on the change in seasons.

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