Tuesday, 20 October 2009

If I were a princess...

...I would like to live here.

Sorry for the lack of posts over the past week. My friend Stephanie came over from Canada to visit me so we had a very enjoyable time in both London and Cheshire (at my parents farm), seeing the sights, relaxing, shopping and generally catching up. We went on a day trip into North Wales to visit this beautiful castle. It is called Penryhn and has a spectacular location on the top of a hill, overlooking the sea and surrounded by rolling green fields and mountains. The weather totally surprised us with picture perfect beautiful blue skies.

It truly is an enchanting, fantasy, Norman style castle and it was built in the 19th Century between 1820 and 1845 for the wealthy Pennant family, who made their fortune from Jamaican sugar and Welsh slate. Today it is open for visitors and you can take a peek inside some of the stunning, decorative rooms and imagine what it felt like to swan around as the lady of the house wearing a beautiful dress with an army of servants at your disposal!

Unfortunately taking pictures inside is not allowed but the interiors took my breath away. The huge four poster beds with ornate canopies and walls covered with intricate Chinese hand painted wallpaper were something else. The grounds and gardens are equally impressive and in particular I loved this walled garden with its pebbled pathways, stone pavillion and lily pond.

Below is a shot of the ceiling looking upwards from one of the carved stone staircases inside the castle. (Ok, I did manage to sneak a couple of shots while I was in there).


erin said...


Laura Crocodile said...

it would be wonderful living there :)

anna and the ring said...

Gosh that ceiling!

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