Saturday, 28 August 2010

cottage of dreams

Continuing on a bit of a theme from my post earlier in the week, I couldn't resist sharing another magical little hideaway which could have come straight out of a fairy tale. This little cottage located in the Catskills Mountains in America was lovingly transformed into a beautiful vision of Victorian style beauty by a lady called Sandra Foster. Although not entirely habitable as a full time home (it has no kitchen or bathroom), what a perfect place to steal away and read books, simply get away from it all or maybe even write a novel.

I found this little gem via a great new blog discovery- My Black Book, which is full of beautiful places and inspiration. It's definitely well worth a visit.

It's been a really hectic week of work for me in my new job, I've been doing lots of training and learning all the ropes of styling. Today I worked with my first real client (as opposed to just practicing on models!) It went really well but I'm exhausted and well ready to kick back and enjoy the weekend. Hope you enjoy yours.


Marinka said...

I love it , it looks like this place is coming from a fairytale world..By the way thanks for sharing the link ^^

Connecticut Yankees In South Carolina said...

Wow, I would love a little place like this in the mountains or on a lake! So adorable. I used to go to the catskills all the time when I was younger...never heard of a place like this little cabin. Too bad :-/

Savoir Weddings said...

Ahhh what a wonderful place to escape to and curl up with a good book on a long autumn afternoon. Gorgeous.

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