Saturday, 21 August 2010


Spring is showing the first signs of appearing here in New Zealand, which is quite exciting. Although winter in Auckland seems to be in no way as long, cold and grueling as the winters are used to in England, the promise of long sunny days, blue skies and days at the beach is nevertheless a happy prospect. My mind is already drifting to daydreams of decadent picnics, road trips, and afternoons spend lost in a book under the shade of a secluded tree.

Imagine my delight when I stumbled across this treasure over on sfgirlbybay. Did you ever see such a beautiful place? A perfect summer time hideaway, I could spent hours here escaping from the world by myself or spending precious afternoons with my little family.

It is in the Isle of Wight, and if the pond with lily pads wasn't enough, the verandah also has a sea view! Sigh.

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M. said...

Is this place for real?So simple and serene..
Marita from
Check out my new post .Its a vintage playground!

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