Saturday, 14 August 2010

i'm back

hello friends! After a hiatus of a few weeks while we were waiting for our internet to be connected (which turned out to be a bit of a nightmare to say the least) we are happy to be back online. We have now been in New Zealand for just over a month and have settled well into the swing of kiwi life. We have found a lovely little apartment not too far from the city centre and in a great area filled with pretty cafes and boutiques. Best of all, when we walk to the end of our road, we have a great view of the harbour and countless boats which give Auckland its nickname as the 'city of sails'.

We are in the midst of an incredibly rainy couple of weeks but are also treated to a day of glorious sunshine every now and then (such as the day we took these photos in our local park) which have me very excited for Summer. Though I sometimes get a pang for the English countryside, I am still ridiculously happy to be living in a place which has palm trees. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the majority of our possessions which are being shipped over from the UK and should be arriving in two weeks. Living out of a bag soon loses its charm and I can't wait to make our place feel like home (or as Curt would say- clutter it up with all my stuff!)

In other major news, I have managed to land myself a part-time job which I am enormously excited about and have to keep pinching myself to make sure I'm not just dreaming about it and it's actually real. After working in the graphic design and stationery publishing industry for a few years, I am finally putting my fashion degree to use and working as a personal stylist for a styling & image consultancy company. More on that in another post but it's really exciting and if I manage to get my act together there will hopefully be more fashion related content on the blog now I'll be more focused on that side of things.

Better leave it at that as I have a million emails in my inbox to tackle but I am happy to be back in the blogosphere again and looking forward to catching up on what everyone else has been up to, so ciao for now x

P.S Loving this awesome silhouette photo that Curt took of Lila on the swing.


Bumpkin Bears said...

So great to hear how well you are all settling in and big congrats on finding just that right job for you. Love that photo on the swing too, she is such a cutie. Wishing you lots of happiness x

M. said...

This picture on the swing is so dreamy...And my God she is so pretty!like she came out of a fairy world!
Wish you all the best on your new life in New Zealand!
I have a friend who works in the university there and he has only good things to say!
I am from Greece and your blog is a place i visit so often!!You are on my blogroll!
Come to my bloghouse for some tea and daydreaming if you like!!

Connecticut Yankees In South Carolina said...

amazing pictures! I didn't know that New Zealand had palm trees...

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