Monday, 16 August 2010

je ne sais quoi...

What is it about French women? The vast majority of them all seem to be born with an innate sense of undone style and incredible poise. They hold themselves in such an effortless and natural way and can look scruffy yet polished all at the same time. And crucially, they never look like they're trying too hard.

For all those of us not fortunate enough to be born on French shores, I thought I'd provide a hit of Gallic style inspiration, courtesy of some of my favourite French ladies...

Clemence Posey (above and below)- Actress and model

Lou Doillon- Actress, model and musician. Daughter of Jane Birkin.

Vanessa Paradis- Musician, actress and Mrs Johnny Depp

Valentine Fillol-Cordier- model and Parisienne hip young thing

Marion Cotillard- Actress

Images- I have to admit that I have had most of these images squirelled away on my computer for a while with no idea of where they initially came from so if anyone does happen know the sources please let me know and I will credit them.

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Marinka said...

It's true french women look really chic, I really love Clemence style

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