Thursday, 17 May 2012

england bound

I'm excited because we've recently booked flights to South Africa in September to see Curt's family for a few weeks and during the middle of it I'll be flying back to England (bringing Rose with me) to stay with my parents at the farm for ten days. As South Africa is almost all the way home from here, I couldn't pass up the opportunity and it means I will be able to go to a very good friends wedding. I can't deny that the lifestyle in here in Australia is brilliant and this is very much where we want to be at the moment (we've certainly waited long enough to get here!) but I will always be a home orientated person and I do miss plenty of places, people and aspects of life from my homeland.

This is a big year for the UK and though I'll be coming too late for the big events of the Summer (the Olympic Games and the Queens Jubilee celebrations), I'm still really looking forward to spending time with my family and friends, visiting my favourite haunts and getting my fix of Britishness- nowhere else can do country pub lunches, high street fashion or fish and chips in quite the same way.

This is a big (expensive!) trip for us that we have had to, and still will for some time, save very hard for and it will be the last one we plan to make to that side of the world for a few years. Next years big goal is buying a house here and we want to see some of the world which is easily accessible to us now. The upside of having a rugby obsessed husband is that we'll definitely be making a visit in 2015 for the next ruby world cup! Though I'll be sad not to return again for a while after September, I can't deny the prospect of a week or so in Bali does sound mighty appealing too.

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