Tuesday, 31 March 2009

loveliest lula

Have you ever discovered a magazine that you really just loved to death the very second you laid eyes on it? This is what Lula is to me. I devour magazines and have done since I was about 13 and my mother started my subscription to Vogue as a present for me (before that, from the age of 2, I used to avidly pour over any catalogue or brochure that came through the front door). So lets just say that l have read a great many publications during my time on the Earth so far and it is a very rare joy to find one that is so very wonderful and that speaks to me as this one does.

There are only two magazines I have found that I truly love (more on the other one another time), and I delight in Lula for so many reasons- the captivating, beautiful, romantic and whimsical images are breathtaking and I like the sense of nostalgia that seems imbued into so many of them. Here are some of my favourites.

You can see more of Lula here.


MaШenka said...

Gorgeous magazine! Is it USA production? very insprational and interesting material.

Faye said...

It is actually a UK publication, but I think you can find it in other countries in select places. I've seen it sold in quite a few airports in various countries and I first found a copy of it when I was living in Australia!

cassius its over said...

oh thats one of my favourite magazines. also i sent you a message on your etsy. couldn't find an email address.

lovely blog

Faye said...

Hi Liss
Thanks for your message. Have replied to you on etsy. Thanks for pointing out I don't have an email contact anywhere on my blog...have added one now :)

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