Sunday, 8 March 2009

the white stuff

So we returned from our snowboarding trip to France with all limbs still intact. Had a really great time and we were lucky enough to have some fresh powder on our last day, as it snowed overnight. It was however still snowing during the day so the visibility was a bit poor, but nevertheless loads of fun. Hadn't been on a snowboard for two years as I was pregnant last winter so I was a bit worried I would have forgotten everything and would be spending all my time on the baby slopes but thankfully it all came back to me in the first few minutes and I was soon whizzing down the blue runs! Wish we'd done a bit more exercise in preparation before we left the UK though, as at the end of 3 days, my whole body was so stiff I could barely move!

We stayed at the resort of Le Clusaz, which is only about an hours drive from Geneva. It's not as big as the more well known French resorts but very picturesque and there's lots of good runs for intermediate level snowboarders and skiers. Though as boarders we were definitely in the minority...the French definitely seem to favour the skis!

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