Saturday, 28 March 2009

my first mothers a mother!

Had a lovely time on my first mothers day (which we in fact held a week early as Curt aka baby Daddy and main instigator of the days festivities was in Portugal on a surfing trip on the day itself). A highly anticipated lie in unfortunately didn't materialise...maybe next year! But I received a fabulous book on 'Fairy Art and Inspirations' and some Zen scented candles and incense..some 'Zen' is always appreciated with a 10 month old tiny tearaway in your life! We went for lunch with some friends and hung out on the common, making the most of the rare March sunshine. Here is Miss Lila herself learning to totter around, proudly wearing her new green coat (I love this and want it for myself. If only it was a little larger dammit).

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Merit said...

What a beautiful girl!

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