Thursday, 19 March 2009

my etsy shop: welcome to the world!

So this post is a little late, as I listed my first hair decorations in my etsy shop over the weekend. Woohoo! It's very exciting to have finally done this as I feel like the preparation took forever and now I have finally reached this milestone. Now I just need to start selling some of them! The realisation has hit me that this will actually be the hard part. So wish me luck and hopefully that momentous occasion of my first ever sale will be in the not too distant future :)

Here's a few pics of some of my favourites:


belleandboo said...

Hello Faye,

Thank you for the really lovely message you left on my blog, it means the world to me.
Congratulations on opening your shop, its beautiful I just popped over for a look, I am sure you will do super well, just make sure sure you keep relisting, even if that means putting the same items back in your shop and deleting the one already there ! Its the only way at first to get noticed. Also TRY and get a treasury that way people will add your stuff to theirs & generally just hang out on Etsy !
Gotta run, but don't hesitate to get back in touch any time

Mandy x

Bumpkin Bears said...

I love your blog. Such pretty creations. I love your mood board too- what a wonderful idea for your wedding - I would just adore to get married on a farm - we are hoping to marry this late Summer too. Catherine

Little Miss Mel said...

These are beautiful!!

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