Tuesday, 27 April 2010


The work of the Australian photgrapher Olga Bennett is completely inspiring (I originally came across it via the lovely Here Comes the Sun). She has a series of photographs called Environments where she has photographed the spaced of several creative people and here's what she says about it on her website:

"I'm interested in the environments we create, spaces that become extension of ourselves. I'm drawn to people who shape their lives to compliment their vision and beliefs. I really like dreamers."

These are a few of my favourite shots...

The environment of Penny of Sparrow Salvadge- Artist & Jewellery Maker

The environment of Luci Everett- Illustrator & Graphic Designer

The environment of Belinda Kennedy- Ceramic Artist


natasja said...

oh, your blog is lovely

Anonymous said...

Those are some very cool and interesting views into artists workspaces. I quite enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

it's always fun to see how others live and work.

Marinka said...

those pictures looks amazing

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