Thursday, 29 April 2010


Bare toes in the sand, the first warm day of Spring, laughing so hard that tears roll down your cheeks, holding hands, freshly painted toe nails in mint green, hearing her giggle, lying in a meadow and staring at the clouds, re-reading beloved books and discovering new favourites, fresh flowers, the herbs growing on in a wooden planter on my windowsill, a glass of pear cider with plenty of ice, green fields and blue skies, the first night of sleep in freshly laundered sheets, warm potato salad with fresh chives, lazy afternoon barbeques and reminiscing about good times, flying high on a swing, floral print sundresses, looking for ladybirds with Lila, picnics with scratchy blankets and hardboiled eggs and lemonade, hair in plaits and artfully messy up do’s, freckles on my nose, ice cream with butterscotch sauce, taking off your shoes and running, just running until you can feel your heart beating in your ears and you feel free.

It's coming and I am so happy.

All images by SunnyMarry, found on flickr.


Shiny Go Lucky said...

What a great post! Yes, summer has so many awesome things to look forward to!

anna and the ring said...

Thank you.

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