Saturday, 10 April 2010


I'm usually drawn more to pastel, muted shades than anything outrageously bright, but there's something about the products from the Danish based homewares company Rice that is just so joyful and they seem especially perfect now the weather has started to warm up. I'm not sure I could surround myself with a house packed full of such vibrant shades and prints but I'd certainly love a few of their things to brighten up my kitchen and add some pops of colour.

They offer a whole range of delights from accessories, cushions and blankets to tableware and wall decals and all products are ethically produced and responsibly sourced. Their website has a list of retailers so if you're interested in brightening up your home for Spring you can find your nearest stockist or where to buy online. Or just sit back and enjoy the visual colour fest!


Bumpkin Bears said...

oh these are all fabulous, like you say having splashes of colours like these really would brighten our homes. That tree on the wall is super cute, will have to check them out. Thanks so much for sharing these, big hugs, Catherine x

anna and the ring said...

Oh I heart rice too. I have some very pretty vases from them. They make me so happy!

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