Thursday, 27 October 2011

a forever dress

Wouldn't it be wonderful to make, or if like me your sewing skills currently aren't really quite up to it- buy, a couple of exquisite, classic, enduring garments for you child which would be worn and dearly loved and could then be passed down to other siblings and then future generations. Family heirlooms that could be discovered in an ancient trunk in the attic in ninety years, carefully unwrapped from faded tissue paper.

I remember my Mum once sewed me a long sleeved Winter dress from fabric covered with red roses that was passed down to my sister, then my cousin Natacha and eventually her little sister Zoe. By that point it was probably getting a little shabby but we all adored it equally and have photos of each of us proudly wearing it. I must ask if it is still in existence now so Lila and Rose could have their turn but I fear it may have been loved to pieces and relegated to a cleaning rag by now.

These four garments have been created for the Anthropologie children's collection by Handmade Charlotte and they are exactly the kind of forever pieces that I'm talking about. Garments that will never date and are beautifully crafted with hand embroidery, applique and intricate attention to detail. I would never usually spend so much on a piece of children's clothing but these are more like little worksof art. They may have even inspired me enough to consider digging out the sewing machine from the garage one day and putting in some hours of practice to make something special for my girls.

This peacock coat (above) is a real show stopper but I am also very taken with the green dress.

Discovered via Design Mom.

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