Wednesday, 5 October 2011

a peek inside our nursery

I took a few pictures of the nursery (Lila's bedroom) the other day when it was looking very unusually neat. While it's in no way up there with the stunning, awe-inspiring nurseries I posted about here, I think it's come together as quite a fun, sweet place for two little girls. It's only a very small room which will soon be shared by Rose too as she will be moving out from her moses basket in our room into a cot in here. So with that in mind I've tried not to fill it with too much clutter. We've kept it bright and cheerful with lots of splashes of bold, happy colour and some mismatched patterns- mainly spots, checks and stripes. Of course pink features too, but I didn't want it to become excessively girly or nauseatingly princessy.

The white teddy on the bed is Lila's special bear Snowy which was her very first cuddly toy. He is infact Snowy the Second but she has no idea about that (she dropped the original one out of her buggy in M&S about a year and a half ago). My favorite elements of the room are the various pieces of art work, the pony print cushions on the bed and the wooden pencil coat stand which makes me smile.


PuppyLovePrincess said...

what a lovely, creative space. it's whimsical and peaceful at the same time.

Charis said...

You have a pic that contains 3 absolutely adorable illustrations... who are they by??!

Faye said...

Thanks! The illustrations are by Belle and Boo. Check out their site here- so much gorgeous stuff, I want it all for my girls!

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