Monday, 17 October 2011

making memories

I reckon one of the most awesome but underrated bits about starting a family is continuing and staring your own little family traditions. Thinking up new fun ones and getting all nostalgic and deciding which ones to adopt or adapt from your existing families and childhood.

In our house, Friday is treat day. Curt finishes work early and collects Lila from pre-school and if she has behaved well all week then she is allowed to choose a treat from the bakery or go and get an ice-cream. This is something that me and my sister were allowed to do during our childhood, the deal was no sweets or chocolate on an ordinary daily basis but it really made Fridays something special and was always a pretty great start to the weekend. For her birthday I've also started to make her a colourful felt birthday 'crown' each year and I'll do the same for Rose too, well at least until they start to find the whole idea too hideously embarrassing.

There's certain times of the year when traditions really come to the fore- Christmas of course and often Halloween and Easter too. I love finding out how other people and their families celebrate and I'm always mentally storing away ideas. In my family, major Christmas traditions have always been making mince pies and watching The Snowman film on Christmas Eve, opening our stockings first thing in the morning and then the rest of the presents after breakfast and eating the big turkey dinner in the evening. Now I get so excited abut doing all these things with our girls and giving them some great memories.

At Easter I'd like to give Lila and Rose a new pair of Summer pajamas each year as well as a chocolate egg. I also love the idea of a new pair of Winter pajamas to open on the night of Christmas Eve too. Also maybe some rituals to mark the changing seasons like planting herbs and vegetables together in Spring and making jam in Autumn. Growing up, Sunday for me always meant a big family roast and while I've not yet managed to pull this off as a regular occurrence, I'd really like to try. I do however (with Lila's eager assistance) always make some kind of fruit crumble for us to devour with cream so I guess that's a start!

Decorating the tree...

Getting stuck in to a favourite Friday treat...

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