Tuesday, 25 October 2011

just a minute in...october

October has been a really great month in Auckland. Spring has definitely arrived now and fingers crossed the warm weather is here to stay. My sister hopped on a plane from Australia to come and stay with us for a long weekend and we had the best time hanging out with her. Lots of lazy lunches and brunches, delicious sea food, walks on the beach, beer gardens in the sunshine, cocktails and tapas at my new favourite bar, catching up with old friends and a spot of shopping.

And of course the All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup this weekend so it has been party central at every turn. It never fails to amaze me quite how seriously they take rugby here... this was a major deal for everyone. We watched the final at at a friends place. The kids all bunked down for a sleepover in the bedrooms upstairs while we enjoyed an epic BBQ and some drinks before all eyes were glued to the screen for kick off. Driving home afterwards in the early hours of the morning, there were people out in the streets celebrating and just generally going crazy, it was a pretty cool thing to witness.

So this month I've been...

Reading...Free Range Kids by Leonore Skenazy. If you have children, are planning to or just have any interest at all in our future generations then take a look at this book. A really refreshing read all about loosening the reins a little and allowing our kids some freedom. If you only ever pick up one parenting book in your life, you should probably make it this one.

Watching...Series two of Downton Abbey has just hit our screens here in New Zealand. Woop. I'm a sucker for a good historical drama with a grand house, lots of scandal and beautiful dresses.

Buying...I purchased a couple of things off my recent wish list...this book and this swimsuit (which went on sale!) Incredibly pleased with both of them. I couldn't put the book down until I had read the entire thing and soaked up all the stunning images.

Eating...I baked some lemon and poppy seed muffins when my sister arrived which were pretty darn good. I've been trying to cut out some of the baked goods since then to make sure I can fit into the aforementioned swimsuit but failing quite epically so far. I had an urge to make a huge chocolate cake on the weekend which didn't help.

Loving...The fact that heaps of our friends are either pregnant or have recently had babies. Finally we aren't out on a limb any more!! I've been excited for this to happen ever since I was pregnant with Lila. Still love all my child free friends just as much of course, for generally being awesome and reminding me that I still need to go out and drink too much wine every once in a while. And for providing some respite from discussing baby stuff/tantrums/sleeping routines, which is always good.

In pictures...Chilling at the beach and Rose enjoying her first tastes of baby rice and apple puree...

Lila and I getting down to some Latino music at a street festival- wherever there's music that girl will dance...

Curt having a quiet moment with Rose before her big sister steals him away to play...

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