Friday, 18 December 2009

amanda's house tour

I enjoy perusing 'Here's Looking at Me Kid'- the blog of Amanda Johnson, a very stylish and crafty interior design student living in Ohio. I especially like her posts which feature photos of her home (in which she lives in with her husband and her brother, and they've practically fully renovated it over the past couple of years). So I got quite excited when it was recently featured as a house tour on Apartment Therapy.

I generally favour a very girly, feminine, dreamy and vintage interior decorating style but there's something about this home that really speaks to me. I love the hardwood floors, the brightness, the combination of antique furniture, graphic modernism and the hint of kitsch. The way they have comnbined this mix of styles is fantastic and it all seems to work so well together. The best thing of all is that they've pulled it all together with next to no funds, gathering items from thrift stores, Craig's list and ebay and friends and family.

There's hope for us all to have such an amazing home regardless of a lack of budget... but with a great deal of hardwork, an eye for a good thrift shop find, and lots of imagination!

All images via Apartment Therapy (click over there to see the rest of the pictures).


Mila said...

Gorgeous home!!

Thanks so much for telling me about yourself, I really enjoyed reading it...

Have a lovely weekend!


louise said...

the room with the part of the song can't buy me love it's amazing

nice blog
take care xxx

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