Wednesday, 16 December 2009

bits 'n' bobs

Finally, photographic evidence of the fringe (it's looking a bit seperated here 'cause I couldn't find a comb anywhere before I took the pic!)

Isn't this beautiful little snowflake cupcake so cute...Curt brought it home for me as a little treat one day last week. He is a good one. I could hardly bear to eat it. But of course I did in the end :)

Here are some birthday gifts all warapped up for two of our friends (they provided the chance for some practice for a mammoth Christmas wrapping session which will take place soon!) I love my sweet owl wrapping paper from Paperchase, and I'm pleased with how the homemade gift tag turned out. I recently bought some brilliant stamps so I've been going crazy and stamping everything I can get my hands on.

Today I am enjoying a rare full day to myself (work and child free- the tiny terror is using up an extra day that her childminder owed us), so I intend to tackle the remaining christmas shopping and generally relax and get in a festive mood. Yipeee.

1 comment:

Bumpkin Bears said...

Hope you enjoyed your festive time all time to yourself. Love your new haircut and that cupcake is adorable! Hugs, Catherine x

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