Saturday, 12 December 2009

art and ghosts

Well as as update on my last post, I'm happy to report that the fringe is working out well so far. Sorry for the lack of a picture, I seem to have been slow to seize any of the available daylight hours in the last few days and actually get my camera out. I will apply myself to the task this weekend.

I am devoting this post to the work of one of my very favourite artists, an extremely talented lady called Louise Robinson who goes by the name Art and Ghosts. I suspect many of you are already familiar with her work, if not... enjoy! You are in for a treat.

She has been published in all of the very best magazines (Frankie and Lula, no less) and even has one of her illustrations featured in the highly sought after and generally brilliant Frankie 2010 calendar. I had my eye on one of her own 2010 calendars, but alas I was too slow off the mark and now they are all sold out...booo! I will have to console myself by losing myself in her beautiful images for a while instead.

All images by Art and Ghosts, to see more, check out the Arts and Ghosts blog, and online shop.


Soné said...

hey, cool find ! i struggle finding enough time to update as well my dear it does take alot of time and for some reason our internet is super slow...... lol!

kat said...

love your blog & the name too,cause I love unicorns!
Found you through loveology as just put in my 5 answers too. Will pop back again to read more of your posts sweetie
with wishes kat x

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