Saturday, 5 December 2009


I've just come across the most amazing online stationery & craft supplies store which I had to share. I have a massive love affair with all things stationery based and my heart literally started beating at top speed when I found papermash (via one of my most favourite blogs, A Field Journal).

If I buy anymore crafting supplies or notebooks I think Curt might have a seziure! I have an entire wooden chest full of them in our lounge yet they still manage to spill out all over the apartment. I really hope he understands that I am just going to have to purchase a few things from this site because they have such a gorgeous, unique selection and I love the emphasis on letterpress printed products.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Owl tape

I love lists sheets

Small doilies

Lace tape

Tooth fairy kit

I can't wait to get this for Lila as soon as she has stoppped growing her baby teeth and they are ready to make way for her big teeth.

Note: Looks like it only delivers to the UK at the moment, so exciting as that is for me and everyone else here, it does suck somewhat for everyone elsewhere. Hopefully international shipping will be something they introduce soon!


charismagic said...

I actually want a child so that I can have the tooth fairy kit! Oh well, I'll have to pester my friends to find out about their little ones wobbly teeth...

Tali Schiffer said...

The lace tape and the tooth ferry kit are brilliant!! Thanks for the info and links :)

Savoir Weddings said...

I love the lace and owl tape. I love finding innovative stationery so thanks for sharing!

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