Sunday, 13 December 2009

the amazing ann wood

Enter the mythical, magical world of artist and creator Ann Wood (I stumbled across her work on the always brilliant Lovelorn Unicorn blog). I was blown away when I clicked over to Ann's blog and saw the fantastically detailed creatures...lots of little birds and owls... which she painstakingly creates from selvedged materials. She also makes papier mache boats amongst other things and she has also crafted a pretty spectacular cardboard castle which is pictured above. Breathtaking. You can just tell that everything is made with so much love.

On her blog she shares wonderful pictures of her works in progress, and snapshots of her apartment which was also featured as one of Design Sponge's sneek peeks. If you haven't already seen it, you must! She has an online shop, but from what I gather her creations sell out like hot cakes. Which isn't really surprising after all. Here are some of my favourite images of her home...


Knotted Nest said...

Beautiful Feature! What inspiring work!

Felix and Jayne said...

wow! loved the cardboard castle and the colorful horses!

anna and the ring said...

Oh the beautiful horses. Imagine a wall full of them all!

Liv Lundelius said...

oh I have just discovered your blog.
I like it a lot!!!

in this post the pictures of the messy rooms, really got me. looks like here in my studio (kind of)
creative chaos! I love it.
in such playful environments you can get the best ideas.

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